Dear members of the Slovenian Society of Toxicology,

We are concluding a year in which we hosted the EUROTOX 2023 congress as the central toxicological event in Europe. After efforts to successfully apply and then the postponement of the congress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we finally have realized and had a very successful congress. In organizing the event, members of the society participated in the local organizing committee. On behalf of the STD society, we would like to extend our special thanks to the president of the local organizing committee, dr. Lucija Perharič. Thanks to her dedication and continuous efforts we were selected as the host of the EUROTOX congress and were able to successfully fulfill this role. The administrative board also thanks to all other colleagues in the local organizing committee and all members who participated at the congress.

We have also organized the sixth congress of the Slovenian Toxicology Society, with internationally recognized speakers and an interesting topic on banned substances in sports. The proceedings are available on the society’s website.

Overall we have had a very successful year, which should serve as an encouragement for the future. In the coming period, we will organize the seventh congress and we will prepare for the elections, since in 2024 the mandate of the members of administrative board of the society is expiring.

We invite you to further continue to participate in the work of the society and participate to the society’s newsletter (IF = 2.1) either as authors or reviewers in the new year. At the same time, we thank the members who have donated part of their income tax to the society.

We wish you a happy and pleasant Christmas and New Year holidays! May the new year be kind and full of success!

STD administrative board