GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Ljubljana, 10.-13. September 2023

More than 1,500 participants from 63 countries and 80 exhibitors attended the congress.

Thanks to the local organizing committee for all their efforts and support, especially the president of the LOC, dr. Lucija Perharič for excellent management.

Local Organizing Committee (LOC):

    Lucija Perharič (predsednica)

    Katarina Černe

    Gorazd Drevenšek

    Anita Jemec

    Jernej Kužner

    Maja Martinčič

    Smilja Milošev

    Lucija Peterlin Mašič

    Marija Sollner Dolenc

    Mirjam Stančič

    Marjan Vračko

    Bojana Žegura

You are invited to look at pictures on the official website of the congress www.eurotox2023.com/photos/.


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Call for Proposals for the ICT 2022 Scientific Program

Deadline: June 1, 2021

The deadline for submitting session proposals for the XVIth International Congress of Toxicology (ICT 2022) is approaching and will be on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

ICT 2022 will be held in Maastricht, Netherlands from September 18-22, 2022 and is a joint congress of IUTOX and EUROTOX, organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Society of Toxicology.

Please make sure to follow the guidelines for session proposals when preparing and submitting your proposal. Further information regarding the guidelines can be found on the ICT 2022 website (www.ICT2022.com) in the menu “Call for session proposals”.

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Webinar for STD members

Thursday 14/5/2020 at 17pm

For active members of STD will be organised webinar by dr. Ester Lovšin Barle (Head Product Stewardship and Health, Takeda Pharmaceuticals).

Title: General principles of worker protection from exposure to oncology medicinal products in pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing


The European Commission is financing a study to support a preparatory work concerning a possible EU initiative to protect workers from exposure to hazardous medicinal products in the healthcare setting. The study may result in the possible amendment to the EU Directive 2004/37/EC – carcinogens or mutagens at work (aka Carcinogens and Mutagens directive (CMD)) or other relevant Occupational Safety and Health legislation or other non-legislative instruments (Ares(2019)7813568 – 19/12/2019).

In pharma worker exposures are managed through a system of hazard and risk assessment with the aim of eliminating potential for adverse health effects. In this webinar an overview of those risk assessment and mitigation principles will be discussed with a link to published literature on the exposure management gaps observed in healthcare setting.

Webinar will be in Slovenian language, slides will be presented in English.

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4-7 October 2020, hotel Valamar Girandella Resort, Rabac

Croatian Society of Toxicology organizes the 6th Croatian Congress of Toxicology with international participation.

Registration and abstract submission are open.

More information at Conference web site: http://crotox2020.imi.hr

Topics: Clinical toxicology, Computational and quantitative toxicology, Ecotoxicology,

Emerging approaches in toxicology, Exposure and risk assessment, Food toxicology, Forensic

toxicology, Genotoxicology, Nanotoxicology, Occupational toxicology, Regulatory toxicology, Toxicology of metals

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Study of Toxicology at Interdisciplinary doctoral program in Biomedicine

University of Ljubljana

Registration is open till 14/08/2020.

The interdisciplinary doctoral programme in Biomedicine leads to the degree of Doctor of Science in the following scientific fields: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pharmacy, Genetics, Public health, Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Biomedicine, Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Toxicology, Veterinary Medicine.


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EUROTOX invites you to submit your proposal for the EUROTOX 2021 Congress that will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 12-15, 2021.  The theme of the 2021 EUROTOX congress “Toxicology – multidisciplinary science leading to safer and sustainable life”, reflects our desire to address topics dealing with different disciplines. Working together, these disciplines with their diverse perspectives contribute to promoting and encouraging the use of new and innovative techniques and strategies, that will continue to reduce the risks to human health and the environment. Submissions in line with this theme are strongly encouraged.  We urge all Individual Members, Member Societies, Speciality Sections, and SubCommittees, as well as our scientific and industry partners to contribute to ensure a high quality programme that will keep the congress a reference point for the toxicologists not only in Europe but, also internationally.

More: http://www.eurotox.com/


Vabilo za sodeloevanje na 46. konferenci Evropske teratološke zveze

The invitation to send abstracts or full-length papers to the Special Issue dedicated to “46th Conference of the European Teratology Society (ETS)” of Reproductive Toxicology.
Please note that the invitation is not restricted to ETS members. and the deadline for sending is April 30
The Conference programme (Berlin, Monday 10th to Thursday 13th September 2018) is available at ETS website https://www.etsoc.com/annual-meeting
Main topics will be:
– Adverse Outcome Pathway’s (AOP)

– Infectious diseases during pregnancy
– Microbiome – during pregnancy and infanccy
– Ocular Teratogens: New visions on old dangers
– Endocrine disruption: Focus on the Thyroid

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