Webinar za člane STD

Za članice in člane STD v četrtek 14.5.2020 ob 17h organiziramo izobraževanje, ki ga bo pripravila dr. Ester Lovšin Barle (Head Product Stewardship and Health, Takeda Pharmaceuticals).

Naslov: General principles of worker protection from exposure to oncology medicinal products in pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing

Način izvedbe: Webinar bo potekal v slovenskem jeziku, izročki pa bodo v angleškem jeziku (link bo članom STD posredovan naknadno)

The European Commission is financing a study to support a preparatory work concerning a possible EU initiative to protect workers from exposure to hazardous medicinal products in the healthcare setting. The study may result in the possible amendment to the EU Directive 2004/37/EC – carcinogens or mutagens at work (aka Carcinogens and Mutagens directive (CMD)) or other relevant Occupational Safety and Health legislation or other non-legislative instruments (Ares(2019)7813568 – 19/12/2019).
In pharma worker exposures are managed through a system of hazard and risk assessment with the aim of eliminating potential for adverse health effects. In this webinar an overview of those risk assessment and mitigation principles will be discussed with a link to published literature on the exposure management gaps observed in healthcare setting.